Grilled "Bleu Cheeze" Breakfast Sandwich

Grilled "Bleu Cheeze" Breakfast Sandwich

Here's a super creative twist on your classic grilled cheese. Try this for breakfast instead of the same old toast and jam. Or pair it with a smoothie for a different dinner idea. Don't let the prune jam throw you off, you can always substitute an apricot jam instead, but we think that our recipe below for prune jam is pretty easy and worth the effort.

2 slices cranberry walnut bread
1T prune jam
2T Red Lotus Foods Spirulina Bleu Creamy Cashew Spread
4 slices fresh pear
2t vegan margarine or coconut oil

Spread the vegan margarine or coconut oil on one side of each slice of bread and place face down in a medium non-stick skillet. On one slice, spread the prune jam and top with pear slices. On the other slice, spread the Creamy Cashew Spread. Heat over medium-low heat until heated through and golden brown on the bottom. Put the sandwich together, cut in half, serve and enjoy.

The prune jam is super easy to make. Here's a recipe. Or you can substitute orange marmalade or apricot jam for a sweeter flavor.

Prune Jam Recipe:
Juice and zest one orange and one lime. Soak 4oz prunes in the juice and zest for about three hours. Place all ingredients into food processor and process until well combined and as smooth as you like. Refrigerate for several hours to thicken and allow flavors to develop.


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